Settlers of Catan FAQ - Resource & Development Card
Q: If the bank has some of a resource left, but not enough to provide for everyone who should receive it, what occurs? Do players get resources in turn order starting with the current roller? Or does no one get any resources?
A: If there are not enough resource cards left in the bank to pay all of the players all of the resources that they are due, then no player gets any resources.
Q: Is it true that the number of cards in your hand is always open and available information? Specifically, should it be readily apparent how many development cards you have, but have not yet played? Or can you hide the resource cards under the table or in your pocket so that no one can see how many cards you have?
A: Yes. The quantity of cards you have in your hand is public information. But the identity of those cards is not. If another player asks, for example, how may resource cards do you have, right before he moves the robber, you must tell him truthfully the number of resource cards you have in your hand. The same goes for Development or Progress cards. The number of each type of card (resource, development, etc.) that you have is public knowledge at all times. (But, not the specific cards, i.e. wood, sheep, rock…)
Q: In the Game Settlers of Catan, are you allowed to hide your resource cards under the table, so that no one can see how many cards you have? I would be grateful if you could answer my question.
A: No, you can not hide your cards under the table (or in your pocket, the next room, under the board, etc.) The number of cards you have in your hand is always public knowledge. Only the type of cards may be hidden.
Q: What do you do if you use up the entire Development deck? Do you shuffle the cards that have already been played? Or do you continue the game without them?
A: In the unlikely event that all of the cards in the Development deck are purchased, no player may buy any additional Development cards. It is the same as when you build all fifteen of your road segments. The game continues, you just can't build any more roads. Usually some player will have won by the time all of the Development cards are drawn, so this shouldn't happen in too many of your games.
Q: If a player receives a development card that he cannot use, (i.e. Road Building but no road segments left), can he trade it to another player for resources?
A: Development cards can never be traded for any reason. In the unlikely event that you draw a development card that is truly worthless, then I am afraid that it is just bad luck.
Q: When I play a Solder card, is it discarded or does it continue to have some effect on the game? In other words, when you purchase a Soldier card and do not play it (to move the robber) does that card count toward the largest army? Or do only played Soldier cards count?
A: Only soldier cards that you have played count towards the Largest Army. Cards in your hand do not count! When you play a Soldier card, you should keep it face up in front of you so all players can see how many Soldier cards you have played. That way, it is easy to see who is competing for the Largest Army!
Q: When I play the Monopoly card and name a resource, all players give me all their resource cards of that type. Does the monopoly card stay face-up for the rest of the game, and do the other players continue to give me their resources of that type (i.e. I control all wood on the island from now on)? Or does the card take effect once and then go away?
A: The Monopoly card has its effect only once, when you first play it. After that it is left face up so that everyone knows that the card has been played. Settlers is not intended to be a "card-counting" game, so all the information about cards that have been played is public. Sadly, you do not get to continue collecting from your monopoly after it is first played.
Q: If I receive a victory point from a Development card, do I have to show the victory point card to everyone face up, or can I keep it face down (so nobody really knows how many total victory points I have)?
A: Victory Point Development cards may be kept secret or played. There is really no reason to play them, however, until you have enough points to win. These cards give you secret victory points that you can hide from your opponents until you have enough points to win.
Q: I know that I can play as many victory point cards as I want during my turn. My question is if I play another type of Development card, (such as a Soldier card) can I still play my victory point cards in the same turn?
A: Yes, you may play any number of victory point cards in addition to playing your one Development card on your turn.
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